Sunday, 18 December 2011


As there is a huge lack of irrefutable, empirical or otherwise utterly verifiable evidence to "prove" the "beliefs" of Atheism, I would argue it does require FAITH to believe in it (Atheism). There are many great postulations about the Origins of life, space, planets, stars etc. but to say they are all based on measurable fact is a leap. Quite the LEAP in fact.

Not the least of which is the belief that non-life randomly became life, out of a primordial soup made up largely of just a series of protons, neutrons and electrons, WITHOUT a higher-Power, smarter-Power and much more POWERFUL-Power, to guide and direct that first initial transition.

At the end of the day, it's all good. Hells bells, if I can mock Atheism, you can mock my God (Christ). This is NOT Islam, I won't threaten to cut your head off, and neither will my God. He's big enough to handle human ignorance, both that of His followers and from those who question Him.

I happen to enjoy having someone (respectfully) question my beliefs. I have nothing to hide, and who knows, perhaps whilst digging to answer a given query, I may learn something new!

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